Proprieties management Proprieties management Proprieties management

Proprieties management

Cold River provides investment value to its clients by offering integrated services in Property and facility management. Cold Rive team is specialized and has sufficient experience with high skills that enable them to meet all the daily requirements of your real estate assets, ensuring time and money savings. of your real estate assets, ensuring time and money savings. We do an in-depth study of each property to find optimal opportunities to improve the performance of all the elements that bring sustainable value to your property over the long term.

Proprieties management

Rental Service

We provide our services to a variety of companies, institutions, private investors, owners, and corporate tenants in the following areas:

    • Negotiating and renewing lease contracts.
    • Reviewing rents and following up with tenants.
Proprieties management

Building Consultant

We provide this service upon receipt of a new building, and it is one of the main services we provide to our clients and includes the following:

  • Building preview.
  • Wear and tear schedules.
Proprieties management

Health, safety, and environment

In response to customer requirements, Cold Revere provides a consulting service in the field of health, environment and safety, and this service includes:

  • Safety data.
  • Disaster recovery planning.
Proprieties management

Preventive maintenance program

Planning a preventive maintenance program is one of the most important aspects of real estate asset management because every building has a specific lifespan such as rooftops, elevators, and air conditioning systems. Our preventative maintenance program provides a schedule for refurbishing these items before they break down.