Mechanical and Electrical Mechanical and Electrical Mechanical and Electrical

Mechanical and Electrical

Cold River is a full-service facilities management company that also offers mechanical and electrical building repair consulting. We have extensive knowledge and specialized infrastructure for maintaining buildings, services, and systems. We provide a complete, planned, and interactive maintenance program. Our experience enables us to complete electrical contracting projects on time and within budget. Cold River also provides other electrical services such as home electrical inspection and rectification, inspection and replacement of MCCB, DB, ELCB and MCB insulators, rewiring, short circuit correction, auxiliary wiring, home lighting, and design of all types of electrical installations as requested by customers.

Mechanical and Electrical

Building controls technology

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Chilling plant, chilled water storage, and distribution systems
  • Coldwater storage and distribution systems
  • Communications systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Domestic hot water storage and distribution systems
Mechanical and Electrical

Emergency electrical central battery systems

  • Emergency electrical generation plant and equipment
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Energy management
  • External lighting installation
  • Fire extinguishing systems including automatic systems
  • Fixed and portable electrical appliances
Mechanical and Electrical

Fixed and portable first aid firefighting systems

  • Heating plant and hot water distribution systems
  • Internal electrical power and lighting installations
  • Lifts (including patient lifting equipment)
  • Refrigeration equipment/split cooling units
  • Security and fire alarms systems
Mechanical and Electrical

Heating systems

  • Annual Gas Safety Inspections
  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Central Heating installation and fit
  • Gas boiler repair, service, and new fit
  • Water treatment systems

All our mechanical and electrical services are accredited and compliant with the relevant standards, ensuring your organization’s compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. As a company, we take our employee’s and our client’s employees’ safety extremely seriously. Our management system ensures that our service delivery processes are legal and assessed on a regular basis to ensure safety. All our resources are on call 24/7, so we can respond quickly to all kinds of situations. We use market-leading electronic asset management systems to manage planned and reactive maintenance tasks, ensuring that we run your contract as efficiently as possible and minimize costly emergency repairs.